Afternoon Tea and Networking at the ChariTable Bookings Launch


Are you heading out to dinner any time soon? Well…Why not book through ? (also available through the smartphone app)

Yesterday, Kathy and Alice attended the official launch of ChariTable Bookings at the Dorchester on Park Lane. They enjoyed some delicious tea and cake, mingled with other charities, restaurants and journalists, and learned more about the ChariTable idea and how it could benefit Irish Elderly Advice Network.

ChariTable Bookings is the brainchild of Lord Fink and David Johnstone, it is a restaurant booking platform that allows the individual making the booking to choose from thousands of restaurants and select a charity of their choice to support alongside their booking.

How it works:

  1. The individual selects their restaurant and selects a charity of their choice from the lists on the website (which includes us!) and makes the booking either online or by phone.
  2. For every person in the booking, the restaurant donates £1 to the chosen charity – this means no cost to the individual making the booking, or to the charity. So for a table of 4 people, we would receive £4 in donations.
  3. ChariTable Bookings collects the donations from the restaurants and pays them direct to the charity.

And as an extra bonus, during the month of October, if you book a table through ChariTable, even if you are planning to dine well into the future, each charity will get 50% extra per person – £1.50 instead of £1.

So if you are planning any meals out with friends, romantic nights out, Christmas parties, birthday parties, family outings…or any other reason to eat out, book through ChariTable Bookings, pick Irish Elderly Advice Network as your chosen charity, and help us to continue our work supporting the Elderly Irish community in the UK, and all at no extra cost to you!

We all really appreciate your continued help and support, and hope that you enjoy your meals out!


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