Irish Pensioners Choir Debut on Prime time ITV!

Well, we are so proud of the Irish Pensioners Choir here at the Irish Elders Culture Office!

Episode 2 of the second series of Play to the Whistle was aired on ITV on Saturday 23rd April at 9.20pm – Prime Time slot! Guests included the champion boxer Anthony Joshua, and comedians Jon Richardson and Kevin Bridges, and of course…The fabulous Irish Pensioners Choir! Team Captains Bradley Walsh and Frank Lampard were on top form and the whole show was presented by Holly Willoughby and Sean Walsh.


The second round of the quiz was the choir’s time to shine. They sang two football chants, missing out certain words which the teams were then required to guess, and then each chant was sung in full to reveal the answer. The teams, the audience and everyone in the studio absolutely loved the performances and of course they loved the choir themselves! We all had such a good day during the recording, and we were very well looked after by Fountain Studios and the Hungry Bear Media team. A Big thank you to them!


If you missed the show, you can catch it online here:


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