THE IRISH ELDERly advice network

The Irish Elderly Advice Network has supported older Irish people in London for the last 20 years. Through our London-wide welfare and outreach services we work to ensure older Irish people have the money, care and housing they need. 

Ireland Fund GBThe Irish Elderly Advice Network is very grateful for the funding we continue to receive from the Irish Government’s Emigrant Support Programme, The Ireland Fund of Great Britain, the London Borough of Camden, Bridge House Trust and all the other funders who have generously and kindly supported us over the years.  Emigrant Support Programme

the Irish Elders Culture Office

We are now delighted Irish Elders Culture Office Logoto be realising a long-term dream for the charity’s founders, Trustees and staff with the opening of the Irish Elders Culture Office. This new project is dedicated to using Irish culture to improve the lives of older Irish people. Working side by side with our welfare and advice services , the Culture Office will bring older Irish musicians, singers, dancers, poets, writers, actors and artists together with others of all ages for the enhancement of London’s older Irish community and friends.

IMG_20141017_205528Through the Culture Office we ensure that older Irish people have access to, and are right in the heart of, Irish culture in London.

The older generations of Irish emigrants to London have given the London Irish a powerful cultural legacy. The mission of the Culture Office is to preserve and celebrate this legacy, to work with the women and men who continue to keep Irish culture alive, and most importantly to use this work to bring enjoyment, friendship and fun into the lives of older Irish people.

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